Hearing the Pitter Patter of Little Claws?

Find a groomer in Bossier City, LA who offers dog nail grinding

That clickity-clack may sound sweet, but it means scratches in your floor and discomfort for your dog. If your pet's nails are too long, come to Amore Pet Care of LA in Bossier City, LA for a dog nail grinding session.

Dog nail grinding costs $15 per session, if assistance is needed $20 no matter how large or small your dog may be. Call Today 318-573-3763 now to schedule your appointment.

dog nail grinding bossier city la

Why your dog needs trimmed nails

In a natural setting, where a dog spends most of their time outdoors, their nails wear down through regular contact with hard surfaces. But today's posh pups don't often get that level of outdoor exercise. When dogs do spend time outdoors, it's usually on lush lawns that do nothing to wear down their nails. Without a regular dog nail trimming service, your pet could face:

  • Split nails
  • Difficulty walking
  • Ingrown nails

Prevent these and other issues by bringing your pooch to a dog nail trimming service in Bossier City, Louisiana today.